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Graphic Impact


Glasgow Print Studio needs you!

GRAPHIC IMPACT:Our Lives in Print


We are looking for members of the public, former staff, and members past and present, who have information about Glasgow Print Studio. Our new project is about the history of the Studio and we want to build up a picture of the people who have used the organisation.

We want to collect stories and information on the development of the organisation, as well as collect objects to be donated to our collection – photographs, posters, prints and any other related material.

About the Project

Graphic Impact:Our Lives in Print is a two year project funded by the William Grant Foundation, which began in April 2018. The project focuses on the early days of Glasgow Print Studio (1972-1989) as our Archive collection includes a much smaller amount of material from this period. In particular we want to highlight the role of women who have contributed to the growth of the organisation in a variety of ways.

The project begins with the recording of audio oral histories to enrich our collection, which will be used to make a digital resource about our history. The project also includes the Print Club, a group to bring together our members and community groups to explore printmaking and the collection. This group will help to select and create works for an exhibition at the end of the project.

To raise awareness of this exciting project we are hosting a LAUNCH EVENT on

Saturday 23rd June 2018, 2.00pm-4.00pm, 2nd floor workshop of Glasgow Print Studio.



Saturday 23rd June 2018, 2.00-4.00pm, 2nd floor workshop of Glasgow Print Studio.

2.00pm-4.00pm - Workshop 2nd Floor

Drop in for printmaking demonstrations and try pulling a print for yourself with GPS members. Rachel Duckhouse will demonstrate the etching process and visitors can pull a print in the relief and screenprinting areas of the workshop with James Harrison & Al Gow.

2.00pm-4.00pm - Archive Room

Drop in to see items from the collection on display.

2.30pm & 3.30pm - Archive Room

Meet the Archive Curator and discuss how you can be involved in the project - register your interest, bring Print Studio-related items along for potential donation.

To Find Out More

The project is run jointly by Archive Curator Kerry Patterson and Education Officer Sarah Stewart. To find out more, email or come along to the launch event:


About Print Club

Print Club will be open to all artist members and selected community groups and is an exciting community engagement element of this new project. Participants will learn about, select and respond to prints in the Archive. A new way to involve our member community in working with our history and collection, members will bring and share printmaking experience and learn about the history of the organisation and its artists, in order to select a work for the show or to create a new print. Community groups will learn fine art printmaking techniques and create new prints for themselves while learning in peer to peer situations such as Show and Tell events & research sessions.

The project will culminate in a group-curated exhibition in the Trongate 103 Foyer Gallery in 2020, which will present and celebrate prints made by women from the Archive. A digital resource will also be launched, which will include information collected during the project.


How Members Can Be Involved

We are keen to hear from members who are interested in learning about the Archive, working with community groups and /or participating in the group curated show. To find out more about Print Club, come along to the launch event and speak to Sarah Stewart, Education Officer or email


About Glasgow Print Studio

Glasgow Print Studio was established as an artists’ workshop in 1972 by the eight founding members; Bill Blacker, Jimmy Cosgrove, John Faulds, Beth Fisher, Sheena McGregor, Jacki Parry, Philip Reeves and Eileen Ormiston. The first premises were a flat in St Vincent Crescent in Finnieston before moving to larger premises on Ingram Street in 1976 and finally to King Street in 1988, where the Studio is now part of the Trongate 103 Arts Centre.

The Studio is now an internationally acclaimed centre of excellence in fine art printmaking, promoting contemporary and innovative printmaking through supporting artists, exhibitions, learning and conservation. Providing facilities for the production of etchings, relief prints and screenprints, Glasgow Print Studio has a membership of over 300 artists who use the custom-built workshop. The Studio also has two exhibition spaces hosting an exhibitions programme and runs a learning programme focused on teaching and developing understanding of fine art printmaking.

The Studio has a print publishing programme, where an artist is invited to the studio to work with a master printmaker to make an edition of original prints. Glasgow Print Studio is an organisation with charitable status that exists to encourage and promote the art of printmaking; it is supported by the Creative Scotland and Glasgow City Council.


About Glasgow Print Studio Archive Collection

The collection contains over 4,500 items made by Scottish and international artists and dating from the 1970s to the present day. These include fine art prints and related material (blocks, plates, stage proofs, preparatory material) as well as items related to the history of the organisation such as exhibition posters and photographs of the gallery and workshop. Artists represented in the collection include: Sam Ainsley, Claire Barclay, Elizabeth Blackadder, Christine Borland, Martin Boyce, John Byrne, Eileen Cooper, Ken Currie, Alasdair Gray, Elspeth Lamb, Scott Myles, Jacki Parry, Toby Paterson, Ciara Phillips, John Taylor and Adrian Wiszniewski.

The collection can be seen online at


Image: Catriona Clarke and George Docherty screenprinting posters for the play ‘Scotia’s Darlings’ by Scottish playwright Marcella Evaristi.

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