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  • Intaglio: In Colour

    Intaglio: In Colour - 04 October - 17 November 2019 An exhibition of prints by national and international artists who use colour to explore the beautifully expressive and varied mark-making techniques of intaglio printmaking.

  • Claire Forsyth

    Featured Artist - Claire Forsyth - 04 October - 03 November 2019 A new series of works in woodcut and photopolymer gravure exploring psychogeography, nature and place, through the lens of non-linear time; where the past and the present can exist in the same moment.


Glasgow Print Studio was founded in 1972 as an artist led initiative providing facilities and workshop space to artists using fine art printmaking. Now, as an internationally acclaimed centre of excellence in fine art printmaking, Glasgow Print Studio promotes contemporary and innovative printmaking through supporting artists, exhibitions, learning and conservation.


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