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  • Trigger Words

    Trigger Words - 24th September - 13th November 'Trigger Words' features a group of artists each of whom have created work that is inspired by or somehow relates to a piece of Scottish literature of their choosing.

  • Marc Jennings

    Featured Artist - Marc Jennings - 7th - 30th October "Works read like the scattered pages of a Southern Gothic novel, a sulphurous hinterland populated by a dubious cast, caught between ritual practice and the exercise of free will."


    LOW LANDS - 7th - 30th October 2016 A box set of prints, LOW LANDS, holds work by eight artists who are connected both by their use of GPS to make artwork and by having received funding from the Bet Low Trust for a range of projects.

  • GPS Shop

    GPS Shop As the most diverse and accessible contemporary fine art retailer in Scotland, we stock a wide range of artworks for sale. Click for details.


Glasgow Print Studio was founded in 1972 as an artist led initiative providing facilities and workshop space to artists using fine art printmaking. Now, as an internationally acclaimed centre of excellence in fine art printmaking, Glasgow Print Studio promotes contemporary and innovative printmaking through supporting artists, exhibitions, learning and conservation.


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