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Barclay, Claire

Barclay more often works in sculpture, often site specific. Her choice of natural materials and positioning of them, using space and shadow to create sense of ambiguity, communicate a sublime spiritual element. The use of space and shadow can be seen in her untitled print (produce at Glasgow Print Studio as part of the Space Portfolio) where the image is difficult to define yet has an earthly allusion. Barclay has contributed to various landmark projects and exhibitions: Glasgow 99, Govanhill Millennium Park Project , she collaborated with architects in the construction of a new park area. In 2002 she was part of the Early One Morning exhibition in Whitechaple Gallery London, along which other artists exhibiting she inspired JJ Charleworth to devise the term ‘New Formalist’ to describe a “new kind of sculpture” which Barclay and her comtempories produced. More recently she was selected to show as part of Zenomap at Venice Biennale 2003.

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