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Flannigan, Moyna

Moyna Flannigan is one of Scotland's leading artists. She is a lecturer in Painting at Glasgow School of Art, and is represented by doggerfisher. She is renowned for her strange and surprising fictional portraits, which have been bought by Saatchi and Deutsche Bank as well as the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Moyna has been painting miniatures - a familiar form in 17th- and 18th-century art and almost entirely absent within modernism.

The miniature is not just a very small portrait, but rather it suggests an intimate form of portraiture - the keepsake, or the lover's cameo, or even the memento mori. The implied combinations of vanity, age, anxiety, desire and death are so well suited to Flannigan's style and themes that you get the feeling she was born to paint miniatures. The results are fantastical, intriguing, captivating, not least because their painterly quality rivals Watteau's rococo brushstrokes for seductive finesse.

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